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Welcome to, a website specially designed to help
new nurses, nursing students or anyone who is not familiar with
a particular topic in the clinical setting. Please bear with us as we
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Specially intended for the New Nurse or Nursing Student

Dear nurses,
Welcome to This website is specially designed to
help new nurses, nursing students and any nurse who may be
unfamiliar with a particular topic.
Without a doubt, nursing has come a long way. It has advanced from the
Nightingale era to what we see today. It deserves recognition as a profession.

Nurses have a very important role to play, managing the sick patient. Their
skill level and knowledge base has become extensive. It is an honor to belong
to such a profession
Caring for the sick is a very special job. It requires a great level of skill,
knowledge and the ability to communicate with a number of people

including patient, family, coworkers and other medical personnel.

A Heart Attack is the layman’s term for a myocardial infarction.
It is caused by a lack of blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscle
Learn more by watching these  videos:

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What is the purpose of an AED (Automatic external defibrillator)?
The AED is an automated external device used for the patient in
cardiac arrest. Instructions are easy to follow when it is turned on.
It can be found in places such as , churches, airports, doctor’s
offices, schools and more.
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A brief description of the case study above:
Harry a 64 year old gentleman lives alone and
presents a clinical picture of early septic shock.
This case study describes both phases of septic shock:
–  Warm phase (hyperdynamic)
– Cold Phase (hypodynamic)
Emphasis is on the time spent in the ICU and how he progresses.
An overview of Sepsis is also discussed and the use
of the drug Zigris.