Snitch plans to open seven to eight stores this fiscal

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Menswear brand Snitch aims to significantly expand its brick-and-mortar presence across India to reach more customers. The brand opened its first ever store in Bengaluru and plans to open between seven and eight exclusive brand outlets in the remainder of this financial year. 

Snitch retails casual and youthful menswear – Snitch- Facebook

“The next set of strategies for us is to penetrate deeper into the tiers and geographies, into the Tier 3 and 4 plus in terms of team building,” Snitch’s founder Siddharth Dungarwal told the Press Trust of India. “Expanding our offline stores now, we’ll be doing at least seven to eight offline stores in places like Surat, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad by FY24.”
In the 2025 financial year, beginning in April 2024, the brand plans to continue its fast-paced offline expansion and take its store total to 22. Snitch currently does the majority of its business in Tier 1 and 2 cities and its main customer bases are in Mumbai and Pune, followed by Delhi NCR. However, the brand plans to expand beyond urban centres to tap into the growing demand for branded apparel in non-metro locations. 

Snitch launched in 2019 as a business-to-business apparel retailer and later expanded into business-to-customer trade. The label has projected a revenue total of Rs 250 crore for the 2024 financial year following a total of Rs 110 crore in the 2023 fiscal.

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