Sneaker brand Ludic steps into apparel

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Sneaker brand Ludic has forayed into apparel and launched a new line of casual wear for men on its direct to customer e-commerce store. The brand’s inaugural collections include a brightly coloured t-shirt line and a range of sweatshirts featuring minimalist graphics.

Looks from Ludic’s first apparel launch – Ludic

Ludic stepped into apparel with two collections: ‘DailyMove’ and ‘WillMill’, the brand announced in a press release. Inspired by streetwear and modern art, the lines mirror Ludic’s sneakers’ playful aesthetic. 
DailyMove is a line of t-shirts inspired by the colours of nature. The regular-fit t-shirts are available in Koyla Black, Turtledove Beige, Agave Green, Mauvewood Lavender, Della Robbia Blue, and Red Pear and are 100% cotton. The t-shirts are designed for comfort and a wrinkle-free look and feature a high-definition rubber print for longevity, according to the brand. 

The WillMill sweatshirt line is also made from 100% cotton fabric and garments come in hues of Slate Grey, R&B Blue, Telephone Red, Irani Turquoise, Sundae Crème, and Boomer Pink. Featuring pinwheel inspired full back prints, the sweatshirts are also fleece lined for warmth. 
Ludic is based in Ahmedabad, according to its Linkedin page. The brand is dedicated to, “discovering untapped potential, the spirit of limitless exploration, and to always being on the move,” according to its website. The brand’s tagline is ‘always at play’. 

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