Sabato De Sarno unveils debut campaign, Gucci Ancora

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Gucci creative director Sabato De Sarno has unveiled the Gucci Ancora campaign, marking his first campaign for the Italian fashion house. 

Sabato De Sarno unveils debut campaign, Gucci Ancora. – Gucci

De Sarno envisioned the campaign as a tribute to the art of fashion photography, and enlisted the lens of David Sims to shoot the campaign. It is a full-circle moment for De Sarno, as Sims was the first photographer he collaborated with when he first fell in love with fashion. 

The Gucci Ancora campaign captures the essence of real-life and authentic women, while highlighting De Sarno’s debut Spring Summer 2024 collection and emphasizing personal stories and a celebration of individuality.

Five new faces—Ana, Fadia, Jiahui, Nyajuok, and Violet—are at the heart of the Gucci Ancora imagery, each representing a diverse spectrum of beauty. The campaign aims to showcase these women as they are, celebrating their individuality and authenticity, as they wear pieces crafted for everyday elegance. 

“Sensuality conceived as an attitude of beauty, freedom and confidence becomes the overarching theme of a collection that extends a personal invitation to every woman — a call to live exactly in their own unique way, to revel in the distinct emotion that only fashion can inspire: ancora,” the company said in a statement.

The term “ancora”, meaning “again” in Italian, encapsulates the timeless allure and enduring charm of the collection. It has also become a mantra for De Sarno over the past six months, as he heads the fashion house.

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