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InnBeauty Project’s lip oils just got a flavor boost.

The brand has teamed up with better-for-you prebiotic soda brand Poppi to create two limited-edition lip oils for the Sips & Lips Duo, $34, which will be available starting Nov. 7 direct-to-consumer and on Sephora’s website.

Although from seemingly different worlds, after meeting, InnBeauty Project founder Alisa Metzger and Poppi founder Allison Ellsworth were eager to collaborate. For the duo, the brands have a lot in common: vibrant packaging and TikTok virality — the hashtags #innbeautyproject and #poppi on TikTok have reached nearly 175 million views.

“After meeting Allison, I thought we have to do something,” Metzger said. “These brands belong together.”

Sips & Lips Duo


Ellsworth added: “Their brand is this better-for-you lip oil. We’re better soda, so both [are] for the next generation.”

After deciding to collaborate, the duo faced one challenge, deciding what Poppi flavors would work best as a lip oil. They first landed on Poppi’s bestselling and most socially posted Raspberry Rose flavor.

“The pink colors just do really well,” Ellsworth said.

Through the collaboration, the duo is hoping to offer customers a new way to experience the two brands.

“There is a lot of cross pollination and overlap between our customers but I also think there are Poppi drinkers that have yet to explore the world of InnBeauty and vice versa,” Metzger said. “People have never seen our brands together because we’re in very different channels and very different categories. Where you find Poppi is not where you find InnBeauty and that’s the beauty of this whole thing.”

To celebrate the launch, the duo said to expect content across Instagram and TikTok, a pop-up event in New York City and cobranded VIP mailers.

This limited-edition launch alone is expected to reach $500,000 in retail sales, according to industry sources.

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