Dior and Japanese artist Otani Workshop partner for new men’s collection

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Jan 5, 2024

Dior has launched its unique and exclusive capsule collection, ‘Dior & Otani Workshop,’ a collaboration between Kim Jones, Dior’s creative director, and a renowned Japanese contemporary artist Otani Workshop.


Central to the collection is a whimsical creation—a small green monster, an imaginative work by the famous sculptor Otani Workshop, Dior said on its website.

The small green monster becomes the focal point of the collection, complementing a range of oversized sweaters and subtly enhancing other pieces such as bomber jackets, short-sleeved T-shirts, and a variety of handheld accessories. Notably, the collection also features the new B33 tennis sneakers.

The collection integrates Dior’s iconic design elements. These include the use of burgundy and pink in the Dior oblique toile patterns, along with a creative reinterpretation of the traditional Dior lettering. The ‘Christian Dior Couture’ tag, a hallmark of the brand’s luxury status, is also prominently featured on several pieces of relaxed trousers.

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