Payal Khandwala opens flagship store in New Delhi

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Luxury womenswear brand Payal Khandwala has opened a new flagship store in New Delhi. Located in shopping destination Dhan Mill, the store mixes its vibrant garments with an art gallery-esque immersive experience.

Inside Payal Khandwala’s new store in Delhi’s Dhan Mill – Payal Khandwala- Facebook

“New Delhi has been and will always be an important city for us,” announced the brand in a press release. “Our wait to find the right space, that fit the vision for our flagship store, took years of scouting and visits. This finally came to an end when we found our new home at The Dhan Mill in Chhatarpur. We wanted to create a space that carries forward the brand’s distinct blueprint previously experienced in our past and current stores. And in doing so, brings to Delhi the spirit of our Bombay [store].”
The store mixes dark colours with atmospheric lighting and sculptural installations. Clothing is displayed in black wooden booth-like divisions and a minimalist style seating area invited shoppers to relax as they consider their purchases. 

“Our New Delhi based patrons are now able to interact with us in a tangible way, this is both integral to the brand and important for our clients to experience first-hand,” said the brand in a press release. “Our newest flagship is a quietly luxurious space with minimal details that invites you to take pause. A space to discover, to escape to, to linger and to shop.”

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