Pastelle brand founded by Kanye West is relaunching

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Founded in 2004 by Kanye West, Pastelle brand was the rapper’s first fashion clothing line. With a team that included Virgil Abloh, Willo Perron, Matt George, Don C, consultant Kim Jones and designers Emma Hedlund and Saif Baker, now at the helm of Cmmn Swdn, West launched his first varsity jackets. 

Pastelle clothing brand is relaunching at ComplexCon 2023

Put on the back burner, the Pastelle brand will be back in the spotlight at the next ComplexCon on November 18 and 19. The annual Long Beach festival, dedicated to emerging brands, sneakers, artists and streetwear culture, has just announced the return of the Pastelle brand, where Ian Connor, Christian Azzinaro and Bloody Osiris have been tapped to “craft an artistic legacy that mirrors the original vision of Ye and Virgil Abloh.”
Ian Connor, former style consultant to Kanye West, influencer Bloody Osiris, also on the same team, and designer Christian Azzinaro, who launched his own brand in 2014, “will present a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the brand’s creative realm,” according to a press release.

“We are delving into the origins of Pastelle,” said the team, “Tracing the sparks of inspiration that ignited this exceptional venture and exploring the genesis of its evolution. Adapting a brand that largely spoke to the late 00s era of streetwear to today’s streetwear presented a unique challenge that provoked us to find balance in revisiting old designs while bringing modern ideas to the table. Pastelle is the fusion of modern aesthetics and cultural depth that defines the range of collection pieces.”

Pastelle new team at work

With ‘Pastelle: A Journey of Creative Genius Inspired by Virgil Abloh’, the new team aims to celebrate “a designer who dared to dream and redefine the boundaries of fashion” and will exhibit an archive collection for the first time at ComplexCon.
Although Kanye West no longer seems to be associated with the relaunch, fans and consumers will be able to discover ongoing releases, projects and news through the webiste

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