Neeman’s opens new footwear store in Hyderabad

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Footwear brand Neeman’s has opened an exclusive brand outlet in Hyderabad to add to its brick-and-mortar presence in the city. The store retails the Hyderabad-based brand’s selection of comfort-driven designs for men and women. 

Inside Neeman’s new Hyderabad store – Lulu Mall Hyderabad- Facebook

“Step into comfort and sustainability with Neeman’s at Lulu Mall Hyderabad,” announced the mall on Facebook. “Discover a world of eco-friendly footwear that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. Neeman’s is your go-to brand for shoes that care for your feet and the planet. Experience sustainable luxury like never before! Join us in the journey towards a comfier world. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk in style with Neeman’s!”
The store has an open façade and large digital screen to welcome shoppers. Inside the outlet, off white walls and bright lighting illuminate Neeman’s colourful sneakers and sandals with seating areas for trying on shoes. The store launched with an inaugural offer of up to 50% off on select styles. 

Inside the store, a display wall shows how Neeman’s shoes are constructed and the materials used for their production. The segment highlights the brand’s focus on sustainability and details how it recycles tyres into flip flops and uses renewable cork to make its slip-ons. The display also shares Neeman’s plan to turn 10 million discarded plastic bottles into sneakers by 2025. 

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