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The Fragrance Foundation has looked inward for its annual Circle of Champions honoree.

The annual event will present the award to Linda G. Levy, the foundation’s president.

“The past six years in this role as president have allowed me to bring my depth of experience and deep love of this industry to elevate our fragrance community,” Levy said of the honor. “It’s a celebration of strategic vision, intentional action, passion and commitment.”

Here, fragrance leaders on Levy’s impact on the fragrance business.

“Linda is committed to making the world of fragrance more accessible to everyone. Her passion for change, and dedication to inspiring and educating the next generation of fragrance professionals, offers our industry so many exciting opportunities for the future.” — Sumit Bhasin, senior vice president, global corporate fragrance innovation, The Estée Lauder Cos. 

“Linda has brought so much visibility and credibility to the fragrance industry. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the category, while also striving to bring awareness to diversity, equity and inclusion into everything the Fragrance Foundation does.” — Julie Walsh, senior vice president, general business manager, center core and beauty, Macy’s Inc.

“Linda has also gone out of her way to support indie brands, many of them owned by people of color, and across different communities, putting a spotlight on these brands and giving them the resources and expertise they need to flourish.” — Jerry Vittoria, president, fine fragrance worldwide, Dsm-Firmenich

“Linda is a true champion of the fragrance industry. During her tenure as president of the Fragrance Foundation, she has consistently elevated industry standards and left a profound impact.” — Lori Singer, president, Parlux

“Linda is a force of nature with a true and genuine passion for fragrance who has driven awareness on the artistry and craftsmanship behind this industry. She has been a champion in breaking down silos and barriers by challenging all of us to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion behind everything we do, and does not shy away from challenging the status quo.” — Matthieu Befve, head of fine fragrance, North America, Givaudan

“As a perfumer, I am personally very thankful to Linda as she has been instrumental in giving due credit and total visibility to perfumers as the creative force behind the product. I am delighted to call Linda a friend and a partner, and to congratulate her for this honor.” — Rodrigo Flores-Roux, vice president, perfumer, Givaudan

“In a relatively short time period, her achievements have been many and have resulted in a greater awareness and relevance of the foundation and our industry as well. She is a champion and she is a mensch.” — Ann Gottlieb, founder, Ann Gottlieb Associates

“Linda’s impact on the fragrance industry has been extremely imperative, especially for indie brands such as mine. She created a space where we all can be seen and heard. It’s so fitting that the person who spends most of her energy championing others is now being recognized as a champion herself.” — Chris Collins, founder and chief executive officer, World of Chris Collins

“Linda Levy is an extraordinary leader and she leads with integrity. She is passionate, intelligent, and highly committed to redefining the Fragrance Foundation’s raison d’etre. Linda has elevated the organization and raised the organization’s stature; under Linda’s leadership, members are proud to be members.” — Laura Slatkin, founder and executive chairman, Nest New York.

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